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Operator Associations

There are five operator associations throughout the state of Indiana that many of our IWEA members belong to. Each operator association has appointed an individual to serve on the IWEA Board of Directors. For more information on the Indiana operator associations, please see the descriptions below. Click the map to the right to view the boundaries for each association.

(IIOA) Indiana Industrial Operators Association -
The Indiana Industrial Operators Association, Inc. (IIOA) is an individual-membership, non-profit professional society, dedicated to the advancement in the profession of wastewater treatment.  IIOA fosters this advancement through comprehensive educational programs that benefit everyone involved in this widely diversified  industry, along with efforts to educate the community in its outreach programs.  The primary mission of IIOA is to serve professionals in wastewater treatment, to benefit industry and society through education, information and social involvement.  Membership is open to all wastewater professionals and those who provide services, supplies, equipment and support to the industry.

President:  James Collins
Vice President:   Brad Crowe, Sr.
Treasurer:  Stephen Spurgeon
Secretary:  Martha Martin
IIOA Representative to the IWEA Executive Board:  Dave Taylor -
Membership: $50/Year

(SIOA) Southern Indiana Operators Association -
The Southern Indiana Operators Association was established in 1972 as an organization consisting of wastewater treatment operators, lab technicians, supervisors, engineers, sales representatives and others interested in South Central and South Eastern Indiana.  We offer an excellent forum for you to meet with other professionals in the wastewater treatment field to exchange and discuss new ideas, technologies, developments, techniques and rules and regulations.  In addition to meeting your professional needs, SIOA also offers an annual summer picnic, golf outing & annual awards banquet!
President:  Tony Wood
Vice President: 
Grant Kissel
Rachel Lockhart
SIOA Representative to the IWEA Executive Board: Shelly Higdon -
Membership: $10.00/Year for Active Members (working for or retired from a WWTP) and $20.00/Year for Associate Members (manufacturers/engineers/suppliers/consultants)

(NIOA) Northern Indiana Operators Association -
Northern Indiana Operators Association was the first operators association outside of the IWPCA on September 9, 1969 and has been serving the needs of wastewater operators since. The NIOA provides networking and continuing education opportunities to professional operators, engineers, scientists, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, governmental representatives, and citizens throughout Northern Indiana.  The boundary lines for NIOA are the Michigan state line to the north, the Ohio state line to the east, Hwy 24 to the south and Hwy 421 to the west.  Membership is normally 200+.  In 2004 their were 230 paid members.
President:  Jeff Krotke
Vice President:  Joe Hughes
Debbie Crain
NIOA Representative to the IWEA Executive Board:  Bill Reed -
Membership: $10/Year; CEUs are $1.00 per hour

(NWIOA) Northwest Indiana Operators Association -
The Northwest Indiana Operator's Association (NWIOA) provides a venue for members of the wastewater community in northwest Indiana to network with their peers.  The NWIOA also provides industry professionals with the opportunity to keep up to date with current technologies and regulations, while earning CEUs. NWIOA meetings are the 4th Thursday of each month. Please visit the association's website for information on the location of these meetings.
:  Steve Tarr
Vice-President: Terry Wright
Secretary / Treasurer: Andy Beison
NWIOA Representative to the IWEA Executive Board: Kathleen Miller
Membership: $10/Year

(CIOA) Central Indiana Operators Association -
Meetings are held on the first or second Thursday of every other month in the afternoon and evening on a rotating schedule to facilitate all shifts in the field.  Most meetings are approved for wastewater, water and industrial contact time from IDEM.  Contact hours cost members $1.00 per hour when provided and approved by Board.  The meeting are usually held at the host plant unless there is not enough room, then they are held at a nearby location and a tour of the plant is still provided.  All-day seminars have been held in the past and will continue to be held as time and volunteers allow at low costs to the membership.
President: Jason Lewin 
Vice President: Dave Dunnuck 
Secretary/Treasurer: Brandon Phifer 
CIOA Representative to the IWEA Executive Board: Adam Downey -
Membership:  $12.00 per year and $1.00 per credit hour at meetings